ICCA Global Coaching Webinar a HUGE success!

Here is a quick debrief of the highly successful global coaching webinar on BREAKTHROUGHS!


· Biggest webinar ever- All 50 states, Canada, Asia, Australia, Europe and Africa!

· Over 100 questions from viewers… they kept coming, asking about coaching, about breakthrough’s about every key issue promised for the webinar. This audience of coaches was involved, tuned in and motivated to learn!

· Extremely engaged coaches who were posting & reposting ICCA webinar quotes on social networks around the world in real time, adding to the excitement and momentum of this historic webinar

· Special pricing of Light University Online coaching programs for webinar guests only allowed ICCA to actively talk about the value of our training partner, under the leadership of Shaun Redgate and his team.

· The ICCA tech team, (Jim, Ron, Devin, Logan), and support team, (Ryan and Laura) worked diligently to solve challenges in front of our live audience… and we had challenges… yet with God’s help, we solved everyone one of them together to have a HUGE win for ICCA members!

Bottom line results: We had extremely connected viewers who built a lot of positive momentum who loved our insights and connected to our ideas. This is the first of many global webinars to make you the best coach possible….

if you aren’t a member of ICCA yet, what are you waiting for? Join us!

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