Top trends create Coaching Opportunity!

Top U.S. Trends create massive Opportunity for Coaches

Research & opinion from Dwight Bain

1. Cultural Shift brings new Leaders-
This year we will see major shifts reported from the 2010 census, which will include significant increases for women and Hispanics, in population and especially in leadership. The pattern of older white men running every element of society, (government, education, churches, media and corporations) will rapidly evaporate creating massive opportunities for highly motivated young people who have positioned themselves for leadership.

2. Generational Tough Love-
Expect a new toughness toward the ‘entitled generation’ between the ages of 15-30. New economic realities will force parents, teachers and employers to push for responsible behavior and not accept whining or excuses. Counseling boot-camps and specialty coaching programs will rapidly expand to meet the need of ramping up late bloomer adolescents toward accepting adult responsibilities.

3. Positive Change Embraced-
Baby-boomer Americans figure out that they really do have to ‘change or die’. Personal development, self-help and multiple types of life coaching will be embraced to guide the process. Self-improvement will become a goal for the majority, but they will be seeking a rapid solution in convenient format, so on-line platforms like webinars and e-books should explode in popularity.

4. Angry people-
Economic recession, corporate scandals, government spending, broken promises…and expect even more scandals reported from leaders as technology improves to allow instant posting of greed, corruption and manipulation. All of this will make people madder than ever, so expect more aggression being expressed in every age group, including the elderly. This will ripple into higher levels of violence in schools, churches and the workplace.

5. Lonely people-
Greater distrust of institutions like churches, government and major corporations will cause people to become more isolated to avoid being disappointed again by groups and leaders they distrust. This will have a two-fold effect since the loneliness may serve to open up a floodgate of people drawn to those they really like or trust. Entertainers like Taylor Swift or ministers like Joel Osteen should continue to benefit from this trend.

6. Socially networked people –
Even greater expansion of social networks like Facebook and Twitter to compensate for the loneliness people feel, yet in a way they can control. With the advances in mobile technology expect more people of all age groups to increase their usage of social networks while at work, school or traveling. This will create great opportunities for those positioned on social networks while creating greater distance for those who avoid this connection point.

7. Self-focused people-
Since culture is overloaded with information people will try to simply their lives from stuff by blocking out what isn’t important to them, basically ignoring anything they don’t consider of value. This will ripple into a major shift away from network television and newspapers since people can watch what they want, when they want right on their smart phones. The goal of people will be to aggressively find ‘me’ time by eliminating non-essential activities. This may include a decrease in church activities among those under 35 who will trade traditional church for personal recreation or entertainment.

These 7 areas have shown up consistently in my research the last few months and are given with the hope you will actively position yourself to meet the growing flood of needs I believe will rise up like a tsunami across the North American landscape this year.
Do your best to make a positive difference in our culture this year and know that our ICCA team is a phone call away if you need some encouragement on the journey.

Author Bio:
Dwight Bain has dedicated his life to guide people toward greater results as an Author, Nationally Certified Counselor, Certified Life Coach and Certified Family Law Mediator in practice since 1984. He has spoken to over 3,000 groups on the topic of making strategic change to overcome major stress. He is passionate about positive growth and is quoted in dozens of personal development books

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