ICCA Coaches shine as the star of Networking night

ICCA Mixer a huge networking success!

Christian Coaches who attended the free networking night in Nashville connected with dozens of new friends, and shared their vision of coaching with dozens of others. This was a time of building a referral network with other professionals to make a positive difference… and if you were there you saw a room explode with activity as coaches from across North America made the relationship connection.

“The World Conference brings world class communicators to the stage, but tonight each coach is the star, it’s all about them, their vision and connecting them to one another for long term success,” is how Dwight Bain described this successful event to Dr. Tim Clinton, founder of ICCA.

If you missed it make sure to put September 2012 on your schedule now for the first ICCA National Conference in Branson, MO… so you can take your coaching practice to the next level of success!

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