Global Praise for the ICCA Career Coaching Webinar!

Here are some of the comments from coaches who watched Kevin McCarthy, Valorie Burton and Dwight Bain provide 3 hours of intensive training on successful career transition.

These coaches represented 46 states and 13 countries and joined together for one purpose – to become equipped to empower coaching clients to move from unemployment to rapidly finding a job, then moving from a ‘day’ job to living out their dream job.

Career coaching is one of the fastest growing segments of the growing industry of Christian coaching. ICCA membership includes significant benefits, like global webinars with major content designed to sharpen your skills as a coach.

If you aren’t a member, don’t miss out on gaining the tools, techniques and training you need to be more successful as a Christian Coach. Listen to these insights and then join us next time since we exist for a single purpose – adding greater value to your journey as a Coach.

“It was great being a part of the webinar. It was very encouraging, insightful, meaningful, innovative, educational, and inspirational just to name a few. I strongly believe the topics were very timely and I received blessings from them that I could not wait to share. I trust that we will do this a few more times throughout the year. I am fascinated by the work of the Life Coach and I have been doing courses along that line. When I finish Liberty University I want to be engaged in more training so that I can become a successful Life Coach (finding the right niche). Thanks again.” ~ Paulette

“I would just like to thank you for presenting the ICCA members webinar. I have recently retired from 38 year in pastoral ministry to start a counseling practice in a new area. The emotional and psychological effects of this transition have been hard. I have been working hard to get the practice going but have had no calls for several months. If I am being real honest here, fear and discouragement was creeping in on me. My spirits were lifted and I learned so much that I have already begun to put into practice. I belief it was during Valorie’s presentation that I sensed God giving me a vision of this new phase of ministry being bigger than I had allowed myself to dream. I would have been unable at this point to have paid for a presentation of this caliber so I once again humbly thank you for the presentation.” ~ Billy

“This webinar was truly a blessing. Not only were the presenters dynamic, the information they shared was timely and realistic. Thank you for this opportunity.” ~ Toni

“I found the ICCA webinar very helpful and liked the variety of presenters and their differing approaches. I am excited I will begin to take courses at Light University in January. I was inspired and feel this will be a great direction for my career as I recently relocated. When I was in private practice, I especially was drawn to the solution oriented approach and feel that Life Coaching is very close to that. Great job! Thank you!!!” ~ Jane

“To be honest, it was a little late in the day and I had decided not to watch, but my husband said, “Hey, your webinar is starting!” I had told him for days that I had to watch it…. Well, I got up off the couch from watching Christmas Programs and I must say, “IT WAS GREAT!” I will absoltely watch more. It was well organized and dynamic is a good word for it. The topics were so useful for the NOW! So many things out there are so outdated that I am always happy with AACC and now with this new addition of ICCA! Thank you!” ~ Myra

“A big THANKS to all of the people involved with the webinar. It was nice to start off with checking in early and making sure everything was going fine and then to listen to Josh McDowell in his excellent presentation. The presenters were well prepared and had great information to share. It is wonderful to be able to receive such up-to-date information as I sit at home in Alaska. It saves me hundreds (probably over a thousand) dollars in transportation & housing. Getting on the internet was easy (I went from the e-mail you sent of directions for the session.) The technology went well — I did not have any problems receiving the power points as they spoke. THANKS FOR ALL THE MANY THINGS YOU DO TO HELP PROMOTE GOD’S KINGDOM.” ~ Mae

“Loved the positive, action-directed perspective. I did not know exactly what coaching really encompassed. I liked this “forward-looking” approach. Seems like a very effective way to make changes in life. I will consider this approach in ministry/ counseling in the future.” ~ Robin

“The webinar was an AWESOME resource, and wealth of information. I took pages of notes, and have reflected on the Speakers’ words. I have been bessed to receive such an invitation to “jump start” my personal and professional development. And thank you so much for the bonus coaching tool (Career Mapping Exercise)! Peace and Blessing for continued success! ~ Janet

“I just want to take the opportunity to express appreciation for the ICCA Webinar. I liked the specifics of the presentation, as well as the knowledgeable speakers that were featured and I really liked the fact they valued the teaching of God’s word in how we conduct ourselves. If we lose that we then say God doesn’t know what He is talking about. Thank you for holding strong to Biblical teaching. I thought what Ms Burton said about being positive is so important. I might quote her in a sermon I’m preaching. I watched with a friend and we had a good time commenting and talking about it during and afterwards. He paid and I took the free seat in the back. I thank you for making it available for those of us who audited the class. Again, thank you for this wonderful opportunity. It was really meaningful.” ~ Jim
“The webinar content was excellent – especially the first segment with Kevin McCarthy. Thank you for such an excellent webinar.” ~ James
“I love the ICCA webinars. I wish that they were more often! Thanks for all that you do!” ~ Bev, (soon to be a certified Life coach!)

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