99 Ways to Benefit from the Use of a Christian Coach

This list represents only a sample of areas where you can improve your life with the help of a Christian Coach.

It is not meant to be inclusive, but rather intended to point to some areas in your own life that you may be able to identify as those that can be changed, noting any situations you feel apply to you and your situation, and bring them up with your Christian Coach.


Check what is NOT TRUE for you:
1. ___ I am satisfied that I am living my life in a way that is pleasing to God.
2. ___ All my personal relationships are nurturing.
3. ___ I forgive quickly, easily and completely
4. ___ People who know me know that I am a Christian.
5. ___ My job/career is not in conflict with my Christian values.
6. ___ I take time each day for Bible study and prayer.
7. ___ I know myself well and I like who I am.
8. ___ I communicate well (without damaging anyone), even when I’m angry.
9. ___ I have a supportive circle of family and friends who love me just as I am.
10. ___ I rarely feel overwhelmed, stressed out or frustrated.
11. ___ I know how to take care of myself, and do so.
12. ___ My finances are in good shape. I make enough money and don’t overspend.
13. ___ My life is consistent with my values.
14. ___ I am able to accept myself as I am and others as they are.
15. ___ There is not anyone who has hurt me that I have not forgiven.
16. ___ I rarely find myself doing things that are not intentional.
17. ___ I like my life.
18. ___ There is nobody I need to apologize to.
19. ___ I seldom expect people I know to do the right thing.
20. ___ I can say “no” easily, without feeling guilty.
21. ___ I have never been bruised by a church or other Christians.
22. ___ I take time for myself, every day.
23. ___ People I love know, without question, how much I love them.
24. ___ I truly know the peace of God that passes understanding.
25. ___ The Lord hears from me in prayer, several times each day.


Check any of these that are TRUE for you:
26. ___ I dislike my present job/career.
27. ___ I don’t make enough money to live.
28. ___ There is a conflict between my values and the demands of my job.
29. ___ I have trouble getting along with my colleagues
30. ___ My competitors don’t play by the same rules that I do.
31. ___ I often feel caught up in the politics of my situation at work.
32. ___ I feel like I am on a dead end road with my present job.
33. ___ I want to make changes in my present career/job situation.
34. ___ I own a business and I want to increase profits.
35. ___ I have family members working in my business and major conflicts.
36. ___ I suffer a lot when I have to dismiss an employee.
37. ___ I try to be fair and honest, but it seems like the cheaters prosper.
38. ___ I make suggestions, and other people get the credit and the promotions.
39. ___ I feel embarrassed I have been downsized out of my job.
40. ___ I work with people who don’t seem to like me.
41. ___ My business is making a lot of money, but staff turnover is high.
42. ___ I work harder than anyone else in my company.
43. ___ I feel unappreciated at work.
44. ___ I should probably make some upgrades at my business but I don’t have time.
45. ___ More staff training would be good for business, but there is nobody to do that.
46. ___ My work area is always tidy so I can find things easily.
47. ___ Almost all my friends are business related.
48. ___ People I work with don’t respect my values.
49. ___ I feel like I get pushed around a lot by people at work.
50. ___ The company I work for does not value it’s people.


Check those items that are NOT TRUE for you.
51. ___ My leadership skills are often applauded by others.
52. ___ I attract people I want on my team, so manipulation is not necessary
53. ___ My team produces what I want, when I want it.
54. ___ People flood me with ideas and suggestions on how to improve operations.
55. ___ I am a forward thinking person, and never have to work with others who are not.
56. ___ I value each person on my team.
57. ___ I understand the difference between coaching team members and dictating.
58. ___ I don’t care about buffing up my leadership skills.
59. ___ People who look to me for leadership are seldom disappointed.
60. ___ I can always find someone to talk to freely about challenging situations.
61. ___ I have plenty of time to enjoy my life and my family.
62. ___ I am very prayerful in my leadership.
63. ___ I never have trouble delegating tasks to others.
64. ___ I rarely get too involved with other people’s personal problems.
65. ___ I seldom get upset when others want to make changes.
66. ___ I am comfortable being a role model for others, almost all the time.
67. ___ I never feel isolated, although I fiercely protect my privacy.
68. ___ I know, without question, that the Lord wants me in this leadership role.
69. ___ I really enjoy this leadership role.
70. ___ I make decisions quickly and easily.
71. ___ I never ‘forget’ to pray about issues that affect the lives of others.
72. ___ I easily depend upon others to provide me with accurate information.
73. ___ I can say ‘no’ easily.
74. ___ I never lose sight of the big picture.


Check those items that are NOT TRUE for you:
75. ___ I feel confident that this ministry is exactly what the Lord has for me right now.
76. ___ The ministry is thriving.
77. ___ I see my ministry as an important part of my life.
78. ___ My family does not suffer because of the demands of my ministry.
79. ___ My health does not suffer because of my ministry.
80. ___ What I do to further the Lord’s work comes to me naturally and effortlessly.
81. ___ I get really excited when I see the Lord working in people’s lives.
82. ___ I can easily detach from other people’s problems yet remain prayerful.
83. ___ I rarely feel discouraged for more than a day or so.
84. ___ I savor my time alone with the Lord, every day.
85. ___ My energy level and enthusiasm is fairly consistent.
86. ___ I am pretty skilled at helping people work out conflicts in a Christian manner.
87. ___ I feel spiritually in tune with the people I work with.
88. ___ I rarely feel isolated or alone.
89. ___ I am not concerned that people might look to me for help instead of to the Lord.
90. ___ I pray with people easily.
91. ___ I am diligent in intercessory prayer.
92. ___ I am not ashamed to admit my weaknesses.
93. ___ I have plenty of time to do things I enjoy outside the ministry.
94. ___ My Christian walk is consistent.
95. ___ The fruit of the Spirit is evident in my life.
96. ___ I never participate in behavior that would mar my testimony.
97. ___ I am not prone to judging others.
98. ___ I rarely struggle with ‘walking my talk’.
99. ___ My life goal is to be more like Jesus.

This coaching tool was developed by the late Judy Santos, founder of the Christian Coaches Network. Before her death Judy gave permission for this valuable coaching resource to be freely duplicated to benefit all Christian Coaches, but only if you keep it intact and do not alter it in any way as a lasting tribute to her mission and legacy.

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