5 Coaching Strategies to have the best year of your Life!

There are 5 key areas to focus on if you want to actually keep your New Year’s Resolutions.

1) READ!

Readers are leaders, so read more if you want a better quality of life. Especailly inspirational passages from the Bible.


Invest time with media that makes a positive difference. Biographies on television or in movies can give you courage and a new perspective.


Find positive …music or motivating messages on the radio or from audio books checked out at the library. Let your drive time become personal growth time.


Find positive energy from local groups of like-minded leaders at church, business networking events, trade shows or seminars.


The single greatest influence on your life is from others. Birds of a feather really do hang together, so choose your companions wisely since you will take on their characteristics in multiple ways.

So, there you have it. 5 rapid strategies to build a better you in the new year. Now go and use them personally, as well as with your coaching clients to have the best time of your life!!!

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