Challenge for Christian Coaches – Speak Less – Say More

Words can hurt; words can heal.

What many leaders forget is that the higher they climb on the “Food Chain,” of responsibility, the
greater damage they can do with a few careless words.

People ‘hear’ you differently when they know you are in a leadership position, (and everybody is a leader to somebody). A Christian Coach doesn’t have the luxury of impulsive or slang words. Be especially strategic in your use of harsh words for poor performance. Instead of ‘shooting from the hip’ by talking without thinking- try something new.

Consider what you would say if you knew a television camera was pointed your way. The world is shrinking because of social networks, so please take a few minutes to think about how you are coming across; that way we don’t have to see you sticking your foot in your mouth as the next viral video on YouTube.

Speak less… Say more

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