Are you a Traditional Manager or Team-building Coach?

*Manager: a person who has control or direction of a business, or of a part, division, or phase of it.

*Coach: a person who gives instruction or advice to elevate the performance of an individual or student.

Which one are you?

Look at the two definitions above and think about which of those people is going to get the results needed in business today.

Coaching is all about focusing on the talent of the person, and not so much about the production of the job description given when hired. A coach must keep hope alive from within the person.

They must always strengthen their players’ belief that life’s struggles will produce a more promising fu ture. This evolves into an intimate and supportive relationship, a relationship based not on pure authority, but on mutual participation that results in an inner renewal.

The coach sees the good in you, and it is his or her job to bring the good out and place you in a position where your talent matches the task so success is almost a given.

It is when you put people in positions of your needs that you are thinking like a manager, not a coach. Your job isn’t to put people in a position of your need; it is to put them in a position where they will succeed. ~ Zig Ziglar

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