Need more Coaching Clients? Use a Coaching Scorecard!

Professional Relationship Development Weekly Score Card for Coaches

Professionals MUST stay connected to add greater value to others, which results in full schedules of billable hours. The following scorecard is to monitor the progress of all team members, while maintaining accountability to focus energy on creating positive business growth instead of stress and frustration from doing nothing about an empty schedule.

Relationship development isn’t a way to make a fast buck… it is a way to make a long-term difference. Remember the principle – people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Your motivation is to add value to others and trust God for the results.

Score yourself on a weekly basis and track what you actually did in each category based on your personality. Review your results every week with your performance coach to leverage your momentum toward greater success.

Introverted Personality Approach

___ Writing Articles –

___ Writing Blogs –

___ Telephone Connection –

___ Sending Birthday Cards –

___ Sending Encouragement Cards –

___ Sending an article, with post it notes –

___ Social Network Posting –

Extroverted Personality Approach

___ Local Media or HARO

___ Posting Vlogs

___ Face to Face Marketing –

___ Face to Face Networking –

___ Strategic Alliances –

___ Speaking –

___ Teaching –

___ Social Network Posting –

Regular Relationship Development

___ Client Care –

___ E-mail Follow Up –

___ Thank You Cards-

___ Key Referral thanks letter –


*Full time professionals (between 20-30 hrs), should spend at least 5 hours a week on referral development to maintain a full schedule

*Part time (15 hrs or less) should spend between 10-15 hours a week on referral development to build a full schedule since entry level professionals must make a priority to add more value, which always generates more opportunities to serve others.

Rapid Practice Building Drills for greater Results

___ Direct Client Care, (billable hours of coaching – daily)

___ Client Care (email, calls, cards, or shared articles- daily)

___ Post Encouraging words to Social Networks (daily)

___ Post @ Twitter and WordPress (3 x per week)

___ Post to primary Blog, (1 x per week)

___ Marketing to key Referral Sources, (1 x per week)

___ Vlog and post to YouTube Channel, (2 x per month)

___ Writing Special Reports, (1 x per month)

___ Direct Networking with Key Referral Contacts, (1 x per month)

___ Research for national leaders, (pray to add greater value & emails)

___ New program development, (1 per wk)

___ HARO requests (5 per week, specifically to creatively fuel blogs)

___ Research to build Relationship with Journalists, (1 per month)

This coaching template was developed by Dwight Bain, executive director of the International Christian Coaching Association,

(You are welcome to reprint this guide to use in your own coaching practice providing you don’t alter it in anyway, and leave all web links intact)

For more valuable resources like this one designed to develop your coaching business, join the International Christian Coaching Association, which is the world’s largest group of Christian Coaches.

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