Praise pours in for Global ICCA Marriage Coaching Webinar

(Drs. Dave and Jan Stoop crack up ICCA Webinar host, Dwight Bain, during the recent Global Webinar)

“The ICCA Marriage Coaching webinar was excellent. I especially appreciate the added knowledge of what the Rosberg’s are initiating with the military. My youngest son is finishing Marine boot camp training this month. He is engaged to his high school sweetheart, they plan to marry once he has completed his training this coming January. I want to be able to help them tap into as many available resources they can as a young couple. Thank you so much for the webinars.” – Deborah T. 

“My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the presentations together. He said watching the therapist couples role play the various strategies was most helpful. After watching the pre-Webinar showing, I definitely want to take the Marriage Coaching course at some point in the future. Thank you for all the helpful tips to making marriages healthy.” – Pamela O.

“I thank you again for the opportunity to be a part of the webinar. I love the learning knowledge and the ability to gain more insight and wisdom through a Godly perspective. Thank you for not charging for these learning experiences, with the cost of going to college and life’s expenses it would be hard to enjoy these webinars if there was a fee. I will take every chance I can to watch everyone that becomes available.”  – Brenda M.


“The information shared was timely, made sense and provided different approaches to marital situations which many times are heated. I will again participate in a Webinar!” ~ Harriette C.

“Thank you for the Webinar. I especially enjoyed Drs. Dave and Jan Stoop. As one whose marriage failed in the early 80’s, I gleaned much from them. I have nothing but praise.” ~ Dianna H.


“I really liked the Coaching Marriage webinar! I am still thinking about it and got a LOT out of it for my own marriage as well as some great tools to
incorporate into my Coaching. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I thought both couples did a really fine job and had super stuff to offer. Thank you again, and I look forward to more of these helpful Webinars and am grateful they are offered to us!” ~ Courtney F.

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