Legacy Coaching Changes lives for Generations

“I Saw Love Once” written by Swen Nader, former basketball player of Legendary Coach John Wooden:

I saw love once, I saw it clear.
It had no leash. It had no fear.
It gave itself without a thought.
No reservation had it brought.
It seemed so free to demonstrate.
It seems obsessed to orchestrate
A symphony designed to feed.
Composed to lift the one in need.
Concern for others was its goal.
No matter what would be the toll.
It’s strange just how much it stores.
To recognize its neighbor’s sores.
And doesn’t rest until the day.
It’s helped to take the sores away.
Its joy retains and does not run.
Until the blessing’s job is done.
I saw love once. ‘Twas not pretend.
He was my coach. He is my friend.

Dedicated to John Wooden,
by former Bruins player, Swen Nader

When you coach with a legacy mindset… the results live on beyond you for generations

Make a difference today Coach!

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