How much money does a Life Coach make?

Average hourly fees earned by coaches:


Business Coaches- $205 per hour 

(source: International Coaching Federation)

Life coaches- $100 per hour

(source: International Coaching Federation)

Health Coaches- $191 per hour

(source: PriceWaterHouseCoopers)


How much do you bill per hour as a life coach?

If you want to find out how to generate more income helping people achieve their goals make sure to register for the next ICCA Global webinar on Business Building for Christian Life Coaches.

Ask yourself:

Is your Coaching Business financially successful? 

Or are you spinning your wheels, barely scraping enough to get by?
The #1 issue we hear from new coaches is they don’t know how to launch their coaching business; and even experienced coaches often report they just aren’t making enough money to move their business ahead.


The next ICCA global coaching webinar will feature the answers to these common problems coaches face…
Building a Financially Strong Coaching Business – the 50 essentials you need to succeed as a Christian Coach
Thursday, June 14, 2012 6-9 PM – Eastern
Remember, this global webinar is FREE to ICCA members of all levels as another member benefit!
Christian Coaches have to think differently than secular coaches who are only motivated by money. A Biblical based Christian Coach has a different value system, one that is motivated by serving clients, instead of making a big profit from them. Christian Coaches represent Christ, yet it is important to balance the servant heart with Jesus teaching, “the laborer is worthy of his wages,” (Luke 10:7). 
Is it okay for Christian Coaches to be paid for their professional services? Yes it is, and it is appropriate and Biblical to pay someone a proper wage for the services they provide.


This webinar will model the servant heart of a Christian Coach with a realistic business plan to generate a good living as a coach. You can do both and this webinar will show you how.
Register for this Global Coaching Webinar if you want to:
Manage your daily tasks to better focus on BUILDING more income
Position what you do best , (your natural gifting and life experiences) for BRAND success
Equip your BUSINESS to generate income while you sleep
BENEFIT from online business opportunities
And BOOST earnings without pressuring your clients
The Christian Coach guru on this subject is Kim Avery.

She generates HUGE results for her business clients and has helped hundreds of coaches go from just starting out online to achieving massive results. Kim works with all levels of coaches; from brand new coaches who didn’t have a webpage to highly experienced coaches who wanted to move forward to a new level of financial success. Kim is a master at generating new income streams for coaches, and will be training you in the strategies you need to find new income sources as a Christian Coach.
Reserve your spot now by calling  1-800-526-8673

Pioneer Christian Coach Dwight Bain will be joining Kim on this global webinar to share emerging trends in Christian Coaching, as well as coaching business building strategies. Those who know Dwight are aware that he is passionate about equipping Christian Coaches to change the world, and the essential way to do that is with the top 50 business strategies to move from barely surviving to financially thriving.


As executive director of ICCA Dwight has met Christian Coaches from all over the world who are highly successful; and he is eager to share those insights with you.
Register Now  at 1-800-526-8673 since this webinar will fill up fast!

For more than 20 years, Kim Avery has equipped others to discover success and significance in their careers and in their lives.
Kim’s extensive business education and expertise combined with her graduate degree in counseling makes her a powerful Life and Career Coach. She is a Certified Life Coach and master trainer who is professionally qualified, and personally experienced, Kim is committed to your success. She specializes in partnering with Christian Coaches who want to rapidly expand their coaching business and brand. Kim is licensed and credentialed by some of the largest coaching organizations in the world, including being a Licensed Facilitator for GET CLIENTS NOW! and GET HIRED NOW! Kim speaks extensively at coaching conferences to equip coaches in business building skills. She is an author, ministry leader and CEO of Work Strategically, Inc.

 DWIGHT BAIN BIO – Bain is a pioneer in Christian Coaching with over 25 years of experience. He is a Certified Life Coach who has worked with executives, pro athletes and business owners facing complex situations that required managing massive change. Bain is a best-selling author, media personality and communicator who has worked with corporations like Disney, Toyota and Bank of America; as well as organizations like Florida Hospital, the American Heart Association and the US Army. He currently serves as the executive director of ICCA, the leader in Christian Coaching with over 6,000 members worldwide.
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