Why do so many Coaches Fail? They don’t Focus!

“People have a tendency to consistently stop & start things, always looking for the next great opportunity, but never sticking it out and seeing it through to completion.

They are constantly searching for a ‘better’ business, ‘better’ opportunity, ‘better’ community, ‘better’ training, ‘better’ clients.

They are not ‘all in’ wherever they are. They do not prosper where they’re planted, but instead they are constantly looking for the greener grass that is always tantalizing them, always calling out to them.

Many people will give something a try, but few will stick it out and continue to pursue that thing. Most people skip around, dabbling in lots of different businesses, opportunities, jobs, industries, never establishing themselves in any one.

That, my friend, does not produce long-lasting success. That is a sign of no commitment. The grass may look greener, but I promise you, it’s just as hard to mow & just as hard to cultivate that land.”
~ Dani Johnson

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