50 Coaching Business Basics – a step-by-step process for long-term success

Coaching Biz Basics – The 50 steps to use in starting a Christian coaching business include the following… score yourself as you read along… is your coaching business on track?
1. Select your Biz Name
2. Establish your Biz Structure (S corp, LLC, dba, sole proprietor)
3. Secure an Occupational license if needed by your community standard
4. Dedicated coaching bank account
5. Pay pal or merchant services account to accept credit and debit cards
6. Small business accounting software (QuickBooks) to track your coaching business
7. Dedicated Coaching Phone #
8. Dedicated line for business (no call waiting)
9. Fax line as needed for clients who don’t email
10. Voice mail
11. High speed internet
12. Create a coaching Website (GoDaddy, Vistaprint or 1and1.com)
13. Office set up (desk, computer, printer, web-cam)
14. VistaPrint.com (business cards, postcards, brochures…etc.)
15. Fee structure and payment process
16. Social Network accounts (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pintrest)
With 800 million worldwide users & 150 million users in the US, Facebook presents an amazing opportunity for coaches. How are you positioning to reach potential clients with this world-wide platform?
17. Blog (Growing Bolder, WordPress, Blogger)
18. Vlog- (create an online video log to post at YouTube, Oovoo)
How many people in the U.S. are watching video online? Estimates in 2010 are 147.5 million watching, (people who watch at least once a month, any age). That’s about two-thirds of U.S. internet users – almost ½ of the U.S. population. –Nielson Research.
19. Google strategies in place (set up Google Alerts, Create Google Maps?)
20. PDDL network in place? (Pastor, Doctor, Dentist, Lawyer)
21. Writing for a fee as coach expert (www.About.com)
22. Skype account to use with webcam
23. Testimonials and references from satisfied coaching clients
24. Web resources posted in your area of expertise
25. Become the expert in your niche
26. More Skills = More Success
27. Pro bono to start
28. Start where you are, (clubs, churches, community)
29. Target key clients & organizations
30. Elevator speech prepared
31. Continually develop new coaching forms/tools/exercises
32. eNews- ConstantContact.com
33. SEO (Alexa.com or Websitegrader)
34. Audio Products
35. Books/eBooks
36. Local radio
37. Local television
38. HARO
39. Speaker at events as the expert in your field
40. Newspaper leads, journalist development process
41. Listed in directories (MerchantCircle, Wellness.com)
42. Become an ICCA author! ( www.ICCAonline.net )
43. Become an Amazon.com book/product reviewer/
44. Add comments to key journalists articles within your niche
45. Target key journalists or leaders to follow on FB/T
46. Continually build your eMail subscription list
47. Social conversation and contribution
48. Continual development of your small biz with active business resources (Entrepreneur.com and SBA.gov)
49. Speak, teach, train in your specific niche
50. Get a Coach to maximize your personal potential!
7 out of 10 new companies survive 2 years or more and about 50% survive 5 years. – – SCORE Coaches to America’s Small Business
Stay connected with Christian Coaches at www.ICCAonline.net or www.Twitter.com/CoachAlliance
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