Want Greater Success as a Christian Coach? Come to Branson!


ICCA is the missing piece for success as a Christian Coach


Are you in the midwest? Attend the ICCA Christian Coach Training with some of the top Christian Coaches in the country. Thursday, September 27, 2012  9-5pm At the Hilton Riverwalk in Branson. Here is a quick overview of the valuable strategies to achieve greater success as a Christian Coach:

The Successful Christian Coach: Launching Your Practice, with Georgia Shaffer


Summary– Launching your coaching practice can be intimidating for even the most confident people, but building a successful practice requires more than overcoming your fears and insecurities. How do you move from thinking or talking about being a coach to starting your practice? Learn the steps you can take, the templates you can create, and the strategies you can apply in the initial coaching sessions to foster maximum growth.

 Learning Objectives Participants will:


  1. Recognize the steps needed to break down the gap between considering your own practice and working with clients
  2. Learn the templates they can create to organize their coaching sessions
  3. Identify approaches to evaluating client progress and managing change



The Successful Christian Coach: Positioning Your Practice, with Chris McCluskey


Summary– Many coaches struggle to find their specific niche in the marketplace, and then struggle even more with the process of positioning their skill set to the ideal clients who will benefit most. Whether a seasoned professional or novice coach, participants will learn how to take control of this essential, but often overlooked, element of building a successful coaching business. An extensive study guide will be distributed to enhance the workshop training experience and ensure that participants have the necessary strategies, techniques and tools to move forward in achieving greater financial success as a Christian coach.
 Learning Objectives – Participants will:


  1. Identify their specific coaching niche and develop a personalized strategy to connect with key clients who need their coaching services
  2. Use real-life situations to map out a direct approach to use in meeting new coaching clients
  3. Learn the step by step process to build and then expand their influence as a coaching expert through marketplace positioning and strategic branding



The Successful Christian Coach: Growing Your Practice with Dwight Bain


Summary– A successful launch with strategic positioning sets the stage for powerful growth, but there’s a catch. When it comes to entrepreneurship, most coaches are more “people-person” than “business-person.” The result is often an enthusiastic launch followed by lackluster growth and resulting discouragement. It doesn’t have to be this way. Development of an entrepreneurial mindset is the critical shift required for long-term growth and success. This highly practical workshop will connect your desire to serve with your need to earn a living so you can grow a business for the glory of God.
 Learning Objectives Participants will:

  1. Examine their current mindsets with regard to business success, challenging self-limiting paradigms and developing an action plan to foster growth
  2. Determine the mission-critical processes they need in place to systematize their practice
  3. Develop a personal list of “next steps” to expand their vision, consider multiple streams of income and capitalize on new strategies

Don’t miss one minute of this incredible time of equipping you as a Christian coach… visit http://nationalaacc.com/ for registration information. For less than the cost of a theme park ticket you can take your Coaching Business on the ride of a lifetime. Don’t miss it!


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