Coaching Men? Fantastic Coaching Tool from Pat Morley

Pat Morley is a master at Coaching Men to be Accountable

The Weekly One-Hour Accountability Check-Up

Use these questions as a guide for you session. It is not necessary to ask every question, but be sure that you cover each area every week.

Questions to Start

• How has God blessed you this week? (What went right?) • What problem has consumed your thoughts this week? (What went wrong?)

Spiritual Life

  • God’s Word – Have you read it consistently? (How many days? How long? Why not? Will you next week?) What has God been teaching you?
  • Prayer – Describe your prayers for yourself, for others, praise, confession, gratitude. How is your relationship with Christ evolving?
  • Temptation: How have you been tempted this week? How did you respond?
  • Confession: Do you have any un-confessed sin in your life?
  • Worship: Did you worship in church this week? (Was your faith in Jesus strengthened? Was He honored?)
  • Witness: Have you shared your faith? In what ways? How can you improve?

Home Life

  • Wife: How is it going with your wife? (time, meaningful conversation, attitudes, intimacy, irritations, disappointments, her relationship with Christ)
  • Children: How is it going with your children? (giving encouragement, quantity and quality time, values, education, spiritual welfare)
  • Finances: How are your finances? (debts, sharing, saving, spending, stewardship)
  • Time: How have you invested your time around the house?

Work Life

  • Job: How are things going? (career progress, relationships, temptations, work load, stress, problems, working too much?)

Critical Concerns

  • God’s Will: Do you feel you’re in the center of God’s will? Do you sense His peace?
  • Thought Life: What are you wrestling with in secret?
  • Service: What have you done for someone else this week which can’t be repaid? (the poor, encouragement, mercy, service to others)
  • Priorities: Are your priorities in the right order?
  • Integrity: Is your moral and ethical behavior as it should be?
  • High-Risk: How are you doing in your personal high-risk area?
  • Transparency: Is the “visible” you and the “real” you consistent in our relationship? (if not, in what ways?)


    • Close the one-hour accountability check-up with ten to fifteen minutes of prayer.
    • Focus on concerns of the week.
    • Areas I am struggling with: I need my brothers to pray for me about this and follow up with me next week
    • Areas my brothers are struggling with: I need to pray for and follow-up this week

    Source: Pat Morley, Founder of
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