ICCA Leadership Webinar a Global Success!

ICCA Leadership Webinar Team

 ICCA is praising our Leadership Team who reached out to equip Christian Coaches in 38 states, Canada, Brazil and across Asia last night.

Rolfe & Lea Carawan led the training time, with tremendous tech support from Ron Snelick and sons Logan and Devin. (Our Audio engineer Jim Arnold wasn’t available for this picture but he was everywhere behind the scenes adding value).

Questions poured in on equipping leaders, starting a coaching business reaching out to executives and how to wisely confront a rebellious or weak leader. It was a powerful time of training ICCA members to be more effective in the business and non-profit community while working with leaders.

Want to learn more of the insights shared? Simply go to Twitter and follow the conversation at #ICCAwebinar or even better, be part of the next webinar, Thursday, April 18, 6-8pm ET, with Relationship Coach Les Parrott, PhD.

This global webinar will fill up fast, so make your plans now to save the date and become better equipped as a Christian Coach.

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