Being a Difference Maker- a Memorial to Zig

  Most people are familiar with the fact that on October 8, 1871, a fire broke out in Chicago and claimed more than 200 lives and destroyed more than 7,000 buildings. But many people do not realize that on the same day, fire also broke out in Peshtigo, Wisconsin. That blaze claimed an estimated 1,500 lives and scorched 1.28 million acres of timberland. The news media of the day were centered in and around Chicago, whereas Peshtigo was small and off the beaten path. Consequently, the attention was minimal. But I think all of us would agree that the Peshtigo fire was significant. Because it didn’t get the publicity, however, very few people are aware of it today.
That’s the way it frequently is in life. Literally thousands of people are doing significant things every day to help a neighbor, a homeless individual, or those who do not have fuel to heat their homes or food for their tables. These silent angels of mercy do these things because they want to do them and because they believe they are their brothers’ keepers. The joy and satisfaction of doing something with no thought of recognition, reward, or return are all the pay these unsung heroes want. They do their good deeds for unselfish reasons. Without them, who knows what state of affairs our world would be in? I certainly don’t, but I can guarantee you one thing–it would be much worse than it is today. Be a difference maker for others and it will make a difference in your life.
  Personal development legend Zig Ziglar died on 11-28-12 after a short bout with pneumonia. He was the author of over 29 books which motivated millions of lives. Zig was 86 years old and had just celebrated his 66th wedding anniversary. Visit his tribute website at
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