The High School Dating Guide for Getting More Clients


It’s not like you haven’t tried. You’ve told all your friends, gone to every networking meeting in town and built a killer website.


But still no clients… (Okay, maybe you have a few if you count your mother and the neighbor who only pays half of your regular fee.)


It’s so frustrating. You are doing everything you know to do to market your coaching practice but nothing seems to work.


And that nagging voice in your head gets louder and louder, “What was I thinking? There is no market for coaches. It must be the economy. I’ll just have to wait until it turns around.”


Strangely, the whole situation reminds me of being invited to dance (or not) in High School.  I dressed up, stood by the punch bowl, couldn’t think of a word to say and finally decided it didn’t matter because those boys weren’t any good anyway.


But the truth was that all the popular girls had more dates and dances than the prom had dresses. It seemed like I needed to be popular to get asked to dance. But of course, I would never be popular because I didn’t dance. The circle of loneliness kept going around and around until to salve my battered ego I decided I never really wanted to dance anyway.


But I did.


Dating and getting clients have a least one thing in common. It’s hard to go from complete obscurity to prom queen all in one day. Reputations and relationships are built slowly one interaction at a time.


Being a successful coach is a lot like high school dating. It seems like you have to be a well-known, seasoned coach to attract clients. But you can’t attract those initial clients because you aren’t a well-known coach.


It’s tempting to just tell yourself you were never meant to coach anyway.


I can’t help you get invited to dance at the prom. Trust me, I still haven’t figured that one out. But I do know how to attract clients without being well-known so that you become so well-known that you attract clients on autopilot.




Facebook is the most leveraged way to build ongoing relationships with hundreds of prospects at the same time.




Did you know that the average user on Facebook has 130 friends?  And like rumors in high school, each time one person ‘likes’ you (your business page) the word about you goes out to all of their friends.  And if even two of those friends have their curiosity tweaked and click through to your business page to like it, word goes out to their 260 friends. And if four of them like your page… well, you get the idea. Each Facebook like is the first
domino in a whole new chain of dominoes.


The best part of that is you don’t have to be popular, famous or well-known to get started.  Begin by kindly asking (begging) your family and closest friends to swing by and ‘like’ your page.  That should be enough to get the ball rolling.


What do you do next? What would you do if the cutest boy in the room walked over to you at the punch bowl?


You would get a conversation started.


You would be polite. And you absolutely, positively wouldn’t start by talking about yourself. You’d ask him about his interests, his car or last weekend’s football game. You know that if you keep the conversation all about him, at some point he might actually pause to ask about you.


Social Media etiquette works the same way. Once people like you on Facebook, trying to sell them on the effectiveness of coaching is like the wallflower asking the captain of the football team to dance. It could ruin the potential relationship forever. 


So, don’t start by talking about yourself. Ask them about their interests. Leave encouraging comments on their posts. By being a real and genuine friend, at some point, their interest will be piqued and they will ask about you.


You don’t have to have clients to become well-known. By using Facebook wisely you can now become well-known so that the clients will come.


Enjoy the dance.


Kim Avery is a Board Certified Coach and Marketing Strategist who specializes in helping Christian coaches fill their practices with eager clients. Click here to download her FREE ebook Top 10 Marketing Mistakes NOT to Make  and begin turning your marketing around today.

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