Want greater Coaching Results? Ask better Questions


 Questions – they change our lives. Jesus the Master teacher continually asked questions. Here are strategic questions covering the key areas of life to keep you sharp as a coach, or to use in challenging the thinking of your coaching clients.


Faith– No matter your current spiritual state, growing your faith is an essential part of a successful life. What goals do you need to set to develop your spiritual core?

Family– Is your family on course? Are you communicating, spending quality time together, and working as a team? No family is perfect. Talk to each other about what needs improvement in your family life.

Finances– When is the last time you evaluated your finances? Do you have a budget? Is your budget for this year in line with your obligations? Most people ignore this area, or just fight about it. Take time now to review your spending, create additional saving, speed up debt service and don’t neglect the importance of charitable giving. God has blessed you; remember to bless others.

Friends– Frank Minirth, MD says if you have even one good friend you will never need a psychiatrist. What are you doing to deepen your friendships? Are you waiting on them to call you, or following the teaching of scripture that if you want a friend, reach out and be a friend. Don’t wait, someone needs you to call them today.


Feeling –  Are you managing your moods, or are your emotional moods managing you?  Remember that the greatest form of control, is self-control. If anger, anxiety or stress are stealing your energy seek out a skilled counselor to help you break out of the cycle of feelings blocking your growth. After you stabilize emotionally you will be stronger are better equipped to work on your coaching goals. 

 Career– How is your career? Do you believe you are on track with your career goals at this stage of life? What new skills do you need to develop? Are you on track? If not, who can coach you to get back on track?

 Physical – Do you take care of everyone else and neglect your own health? Have you been keeping up with your own medical care, having regular medical and dental check-ups? Do you get enough rest? How about diet and exercise? Remember, if you don’t take care of yourself, no one else will. The Bible teaches your body is a temple. Take better care of it.  

Environment–  You live in a home, is it a safe and peaceful place? Home should be the safest place, so before you seek to protect the environment on the other side of the world, start with your own house. Closets, garage, backyard. Make your personal environment better and you will feel better. Try it.

Recreation– Taking time out for personal leisure will keep your creative energy high. Finding time to hike, ski, kayak, bike or swim will keep your brain, and your body sharp. What can you do this week to re-create some positive energy from nature? .

Projects– Want to move your career and life forward? Get a notebook and map out your personal and professional projects, and then get a coach to keep you accountable toward continued growth.

 Travel– How long has it been since you had a change in scenery? Across the street or across the globe making plans to travel a bit will broaden your perspective. Learning from new cultures and creating new experiences will give you a greater world-view. Where can you visit this month? What about conferences or mission trips? There are many ways to get out and see the world… get started.

 Volunteer – Are you connected to your community? Do you volunteer with organizations or charities you believe in? When you are invested in your community, or causes that matter your sense of personal worth will increase, and you may make some wonderful friends while making a positive difference in your community.

Finally consider –

What areas will you devote more time and energy to for greater results?

What areas would be best to ignore since they are distractions or time wasters?

What three things could you cut out of your week to find time to accomplish the goals that will make you more successful?  

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Christian Life Coach Dwight Bain About the author Dwight Bain is dedicated to helping people achieve greater results. He is a Nationally Certified Counselor and Certified Life Coach in practice since 1984 with a primary focus on solving crisis events and managing major change. He serves as the executive director of the International Christian Coaching Association. ICCA posts continually to add greater value to you as a coach; follow them at http://www.Twitter.com/CoachAlliance



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