Moving Forward as Turtles Whiz By

Emails, deadlines, laundry, projects, phone calls, and a doctor’s visit – these are the things on today’s to-do list. And that’s all before noon.

You’ve had days like this. Maybe everyday is like this.

So, how do you hold onto your dream and move forward with building a coaching business when even the turtles are whizzing by?

Last night, I posted an “I’m feeling sorry for myself” status update on my writer’s Facebook group. Thinking I would garner some sympathy, I belly-ached about the myriads of things jostling for first place in my day.

This morning I popped onto the group to see over a dozen responses. It was a needed wake-up call.

Book deadlines, sick children, needy spouses, unpaid bills, unexpected trips, working two jobs, finishing a dissertation and so much more were added by others to the growing list of undone things we ALL had to do.

And strangely, the longer the list grew, the better I felt.

Caught up in my own little world, I had been imagining others driving in the fast lane towards their goals while I was still stalled in traffic. And with no way to speed up, to refuel or to catch up, why bother?

When others were eating the fruits of their labors at the great oasis of goal’s end, I would have barely moved forward one foot, all while choking down stuffy, polluted air.

Why bother, indeed!

But as I switched perspectives and looked at reality from the traffic helicopter’s point of view, it looked different than I thought.

ALL of life is a crowded highway. Sure, there are occasionally stretches of wide-open road, but eventually the other lanes of life merge into that one and the speed once again slows down to a crawl.

The coaches who move forward and succeed are the ones who break down, run out of gas, refuel and repair AND still keep going. No matter what. 

They measure the journey differently.

They don’t look at those in front and rue the distance between them.  They don’t look at those far behind and secretly cheer that they lapped them by a mile. They don’t even look at those traveling beside them to see who is ahead at any given point during the busyness of the day.

Successful, seasoned goal-meeters mark out their journey in advance. They set realistic mile-markers and cheer when they end the day further ahead than when they began. They don’t beat themselves up when unexpected breakdowns occur.

And they never, ever, ever take the off-ramp away from their dreams just because the journey seems too hard, too long, too lonely or too far away.

When life overwhelms, a rest stop is fine. If the project is too hard, don’t be ashamed to call for an expert to give you a lift. And when the path seems lonely, it’s okay to hitch a ride with a friend. But whatever you do, keep on keeping on.

When you look up from your life today and see the turtles whizzing by, smile. That’s good news. It means you are still out on the road moving ahead inch-by-inch.

  Kim Avery Life Coach

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