Praise for the ICCA Global webinar from Coaches around the world

TEAM ICCA exists to add greater value to your journey as a coach. Here is a praise sent from one of the hundreds of coaches who watched from Canada. Over 40 states and 7 countries came toether for one purpose – to learn how to take social meidia and blogs to imact the world.

“I want to say this is one of the most informative webinars I have been on. Thank you to Dwight and Corey for the great
material. I have Klout and my score is not that high right now 19 but is increasing weekly. I am excited about what I have learned this evening and look forward to helping even more individuals through blogging and the media Thanks!”
Connie , Nova Scotia
team ICCA webinar 8-2013

Here are our incredible team of coaching and tech support team members… they are amazing!

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