Coaching Tip – Ignore the “A” players to invest in the franchise “B” players

Christian Coaching to win at work and love from ICCA An article in USA Today  indicated leaders were beginning to see the value of the solid team members they had who were neither stars nor duds. The article termed them “B Players.” It said:

“When employees aren’t busy weeding out the bottom 10% of their workforce, they’ve been trying to steal the A players from the competition in a battle to lure the best. But some of those employers are coming around to the realization that failure and success much not lie among the weakest and strongest links, but in the solid middle, the B players… the 75% of workers who have been all but ignored.”

Leaders need to take that concept one step further. How do you give your team an edge, helping the B players to perform at their highest level and helping the A players to elevate their game even further? You develop them! – insight from John Maxwell’s excellent coaching book, ‘The 360 Degree Leader’ If you are a business or executive coach it is a valuable tool. Find your copy today by visiting his website

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