Christian Coaches are called to be Holy first of all

Heart holiness isn’t limited to one dimension. In fact, the experience of a total surrender to Christ in entire sanctification is multi-dimensional, 3D so to speak. In one sense, it resembles the modern tech craze for an added sensory dimension that brings media to life. Designer 3D glasses are now being offered for those who have 3D televisions, and even the computer printer has gone three-dimensional.

Believers searching for a pure heart take comfort in knowing that their past is covered by the atoning blood of Christ. They delight in singing, “My iniquity so vast has been blotted out at last; my sins are all covered by the blood.” They have the witness that the blood of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, cleanses from all sin.

The past gone, the present adds a greater challenge. Heart purity, with its fullness of love, has to live in a world of impurity and division. And often the heart’s battlefield is its inherent struggle to satisfy its own wants, while seeking to follow Christ. Thankfully, God doesn’t offer solutions for the past only. He has offered a holiness that meets the present head-on. His Word says if we walk in the Spirit we won’t fulfill the lust of the flesh. The Holy Spirit power that raised Christ from the dead empowers us to live a holy life in the present tense.

But another dimension calls us to attention: Future holiness. Holiness isn’t over when the casket lid is closed. It has just begun. Paul said the work that Jesus started in us will be completed at the day of Christ. Holy people will live forever in a holy Heaven. Every site will be holy. Every song will be holy. Every thought will be holy. Why? Heaven is God’s house. It shines with his holy character. The holiness we will experience then won’t be dependent on 3D glasses. You will see the King as he is!

ICAA Guest Coach Blogger:
Dr. Stan Toler, is a best-selling author, National Leader & General Superintendent Emeritus Church of the Nazarene
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