Career Coaches move people through the process of Hired- Fired- Mired

Who hasn’t felt that most exciting moment… HIRED. The excitement and anticipation of a new job.  New people, new challenges, full-time pay.  The road to success.  Prove yourself, work your way up the ladder.  Worth, value, self-esteem.  The American Dream.
       On the other hand…who hasn’t felt the anguish and pain of losing a job.  Laid off.  Downsized.  Or just FIRED.  It leaves you feeling devastated.
One of the worst experiences you can go through in your adult life. You feel worthlessness, insecure, full of shame and guilt.  It feels like the end of world.
       Or perhaps yours is somewhere in between.  You’re just stuck. Hating your current job.  Disliking the boss, loathing the hours, MIRED in a muck of confusion, frustration and depression. 
       I have been all three.  In 30 plus years of church work in Texas and Tennessee, I have been hired, fired and mired.  What a roller coaster it has been.  The great times were truly beyond great.  Being a part of changed lives was a blessing beyond words.  Sharing people’s most important moments…weddings, baptisms, funerals, and other life-changing moments, was always the highlight of my ministry career.
        Then…there were the down times.  The failures.  The poor decisions.  The completely overwhelming feeling that I was in way over my head.  Who could I talk to?  Who could I possibly share the fact that I was down, depressed and just plain old stuck?  I was completely mired in all the muck. And then…fired.  Worthless.  Extreme pain.  Guilt.  Anger.  Feeling like the weight of the whole world had just crashed down on me.
      It’s fascinating at this juncture of my life as a Certified Life Coach to look back on those times.  As I ponder and reflect on the past, I have come to realize that some fundamental foundations of life were in place during all of these times: 
 1.         God was there in it all.
Oh sure, some days it felt like I was totally alone.  No one cared.  No one noticed.  But time and time again He showed himself.  In the eyes of a kid.  On the face of a stranger.  He really is there.  He really will not ever leave you no matter what. Period. (Joshua 1:5)
 2.         You always reap what you sow.  Get back what you give.
      I have found this to be true 100% of the time in life.  I look back on unwise moves I made, unkind words I said, and now know that I got back what I gave out.  Boom.  And…Ouch.
3.         Too often I lost focus.
       I was consumed by my love of sports.  Caught up in conflicts between youth group kids.  Consumed by a difficult elder’s meeting.  Worried about different theological opinions among those I worked with or ministered to.  Too busy trying to please.  At times, I completely lost focus.  I wish I could go back.
  4.         Family and best friends really are all you need.
     There were times throughout my church career that I could count my supporters on one or two hands.  My wife, children, and closest life friends.  I always knew they were there.  I never wondered if they loved or supported me.  They truly were the embodiment of the verse, “a friend sticks closer than a brother.” (Proverbs 18:24) 
 5.         In the end, all that really matters is YOU and GOD.
      All the pressures, stresses, ups, downs, highs, lows, politics and even jobs don’t matter in the whole scheme of things. What does matter is the question…How are you and God? That is the thing that I monitor and stay on top of regularly. What am I learning about Him?  How much time am I spending communicating with Him?  What is He teaching me that’s new and fresh? (Job 29:20) He is there.  He will never abandon you. He never changes.  He is the One constant you can always depend on.  Throughout it all, He remains.  Never forget that, whether you be hired, fired, or mired.
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