A Christmas Parenting Perspective

Christmas means many things to many people. It means family and friends. It means warm celebrations and Christmas eve services with a church family. It can mean the glow of wonder in a child’s eyes. However, there are some who struggle during this time of year. Some have lost loved ones, some who feel the cold presence of loneliness, and some who struggle in silence because there is no one there to listen.

That coworker who is always smiling in the break room, she is going through a painful divorce. That man in the seat next to you on Sunday, he is watching his daughter die of leukemia. That high school football coach that passes you in the hallway, he is hiding the emotional wounds of physical abuse. That business executive who has the corner office, she is struggling to care for her father with Alzheimer’s. Those new neighbors who recently moved in have a child who needs a complicated surgery and is facing a long recovery and rehabilitation schedule. The scenarios of quiet suffering are endless and each story carries its own pain.

As we move through the Christmas season, keep in mind all of those who long for the touch of a caring individual. Consider those who just want someone to talk to, someone to be interested in who they are as a person. Some of the greatest joys we have had this season was buying and wrapping presents for the residents of the Arc of Carroll County. These are disabled adults who no longer have family in the area. Giving food to Carroll Food Sunday to provide a meal for those who are still struggling with the effects of a difficult economy. There are so many ways to make this Christmas more meaningful by reaching out to those who are not as fortunate as you.

Some of you know my son Daniel. He has physical and cognitive challenges, but he also has an incredible spirit. This year he has shown my wife and me that a simple gesture and a kind word came make someone’s Christmas season a little brighter.

As my son Daniel left the radiologist’s office last night (an experience he has never liked), he stopped an older couple (in their mid 90’s) in the hallway and took the older woman’s hand and said “Have a good Christmas.” She smiled and replied with a similar greeting.

He then took the older gentleman’s hand and said “Merry Christmas.” He too, was pleased with Daniel’s kind spirit. As the couple shuffled down the hall, I just had the sense that in the gentleness of his spirit, Daniel made this couple’s Christmas special.

This Christmas season, touch the lives of others with an empathetic spirit. This season is about being a person who does for others what Jesus Christ did for you. God, who is infinite, who is self-existent, who is omnipresent, who is omnipotent, and who is omniscience, in the person of Jesus Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit, set aside His divine nature, and His righteous position of glory, to enter into the reality of mankind, who, not being bound by time submitted Himself to the limitations of time, to walk along side of His creation, to mentor, encourage, nurture, and support that creation, by spending quantity and quality time together, to share experiences that create vulnerability, to seek to understand, to learn to accept the differences, and finally, to love with the love of the Father in pursuit of you to develop a love relationship, suffered public humiliation, false accusations, illegal trials, and excruciating torture, only to died on the cross just so you would have a pathway for reconciliation to God the Father, since you had no ability to reconcile yourself to Him. That is an overwhelming thought.

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