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Dear Colleague:Life Coaching is exploding! Millions of people who don’t need counseling still hire coaches to assist them in achieving their most important life goals. And thousands of professionals, pastors, lay leaders, teachers, and guidance counselors—those God has called and gifted to help others—are adding this new area of helping to their repertoire of skills. Now it’s your turn!ICCA Executive Director Dwight Bain, says, “Life Coaching is the next big trend and will take your career to a new level of success by equipping you to make a positive difference in the lives of your clients.”Don’t miss out on being a part of this burgeoning new field – an opportunity to expand your professional services and ministries. With expert Christian coaches such as Catherine Hart Weber, Katie Brazelton, Dwight Bain, Linda Mintle, Daniel Amen, Larry Crabb, and many more, you’ll be trained to coach others through life’s journey providing hope, direction and encouragement.

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Enroll now in one or more of the Professional Life Coaching training programs and enjoy the best savings we have to offer. Order any course before the October 6th deadline and pay only $299 per course (no limit). I am including a $300 Limited Scholarship that may be used for each Professional Life Coaching Training Program you purchase.We love being a part of your life!

Blessings,Tim Clinton, Ed.D., LPC, LMFT

President, AACC and Light University

P.S.—Enroll before the deadline to use the $300 Limited Scholarship and pay only $299 per training program instead of the regular tuition price of $800! Receive a free first-year preferred membership in ICCA when you enroll in any Professional Life Coaching course ($69 value).

Enroll today to benefit from the Core Elements of Coaching from our Global Coach Training Team: 

COCH 101
Coaching: The New Helping Relationship

Dwight Bain, M.A. and Catherine Hart Weber, Ph.D.
 • COCH 102
Christian Coaching: Scriptural and Spiritual Foundations

Katie Brazelton, M.Div., Ph.D.; Sandra Dopf, B.S.; Richard Eley, Ph.D.; Catherine Hart Weber, Ph.D.
 • COCH 103
Theory & Practice: Developing a Model for Effective Change

Georgia Shaffer, M.A.

• COCH 104
Relationships and Communication: Core Coaching Skills

Catherine Hart Weber, Ph.D.

• COCH 105
Facilitating, Learning and Change: Advanced Coaching Skills

Georgia Shaffer, M.A.

• COCH 106
Assessment and Resources in Coaching

Richard Eley, Ph.D.

• COCH 107
Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards in Coaching

Dwight Bain, M.A.

• COCH 108
Coaching as a Ministry and Spiritual Care

Katie Brazelton, M.Div., Ph.D.
 • COCH 109
The Business of Coaching

Dwight Bain, M.A.
 • COCH 110
New Directions: Specialty Coaching

Dwight Bain, M.A.; Katie Brazelton, M.Div., Ph.D.; Sandra Dopf, B.S.; Georgia Shaffer, M.A.; Catherine Hart Weber, Ph.D.

• COCH 111
Coaching for Creativity and Innovations

Dwight Bain, M.A.; Katie Brazelton, M.Div., Ph.D.; Jennifer Cisney Ellers, M.A.; Sandra Dopf, B.S.; Richard Eley, Ph.D.; Sylvia Frejd, D.Min.; Georgia Shaffer, M.A.; Catherine Hart Weber, Ph.D.

• COCH 112
The Future of Christian Coaching

Dwight Bain, M.A.

• Bonus DVD
The Top Secrets to Marketing Success as a Coach

Dwight Bain, M.A.


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