Webinar Recap: Building a Booming Coaching Practice Through Speaking and Writing

Feb 2014 cropped picOn April 21st, the AACC hosted an ICCA webinar featuring Shannon Ethridge, M.A. Viewers tuned in from all over the country to hear Ethridge speak on the topic of Building a Booming Coaching Practice through Speaking & Writing.

Throughout the webinar, she highlighted how a successful coaching practice requires far more than honing your communication skills and hanging a shingle outside your door. Marketing and advertising are key to building any business, and a coaching practice is no different.  Ethridge quoted S.H. Britt, saying, “Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.”

Shannon focused on ways that coaches can let others know what type of coaching is offered, what qualifies coaches in this field, and how coaches can help people create the life, career, relationships, etc. that they crave. Shannon addresses the common fear that many coaches face: how can I be effective and viewed as genuine, not “over marketing” myself?  Ethridge highlighted one of the best ways to organically advertise your coaching practice, discussing how beneficial it is to establish both a speaking and writing platform. This allows a person’s voice to be heard, face to be recognized, message to be magnified, and creates a “breadcrumb trail” to the office door. Throughout the entire webinar, she honed in on practical ways that coaches can help build their coaching practice in effective and realistic ways.

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