What’s Your Coaching Niche?


Are you looking to determine your coaching area of expertise – your niche?  Or perhaps you are simply interested to expand your coaching toolbox with training in an area of coaching. Either way, the ICCA blog empowers you to expand your coaching horizons by highlighting valuable professional life coaching courses from Light University.

This week’s highlight: Parenting Coaching

Explore Parent Coaching.

“Next to marriage, parenting is one of the most difficult tasks in life. From nuclear families to step families to multi-generational families, parenting certainly has its challenges. With all of the different types of families out there, this course will help you coach each of them and address their specific needs. With biblical insights and the best experts in the parenting field, this class will prepare you to confidently coach and care for each family that comes your way.” (www.lightuniversity.com, 2016).

What do you think? Is walking alongside parents an area you are passionate about? Perhaps your life story enables you to coach parents, single parents, or young families. Imagine the impact.

Discover more and find your niche in parent coaching through Light University’s Parent Coaching course.   https://www.iccaonline.net/courses/parenting-coaching

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