Changing the Storyline to Change the Ending

Shirene Gentry, M.A.

Stories. Drama.  Defining moments.  We love the storylines that catch our senses, capture our hearts, and captivate our minds to the point that we “can’t put it down.”

You have a story. I have a story. Your clients have a story.

As a life coach, your clients will come to you with many chapters of their lives already written.  Perhaps they have lived in the same chapter for a long time.  Maybe they are ready to write a new life chapter and aren’t even sure how to maneuver the next step in their personal narrative.

Here’s where you arrive in their storyline. Now is your chance to do the following:

  • Encourage them where they are
  • Inquire as to what brought them to this point
  • Instill the idea that they, not others, are the main characters

Regardless of poor choices in chapters that have already been written, either their own choices or those of others, your client will need to be committed to changing their own storyline as far as it is within their control. Doing so involves three ideas that relate to the past, present, and future.

First, the concept of disappointed acknowledges the past – past chapters that can’t be rewritten.

 Your client will need to acknowledge either disappointment with themselves (their own poor choices) or with others’ poor choices.

Second, the concept of determined acknowledges the present – chapters that are currently being written.  Within this category are the categories where the plot thickens and changes:

  1. Renew thinking
  2. Reframe understanding
  3. Refresh concept of God

Third, the concept of delighted acknowledges the future – chapters that are yet to be written.  These chapters are co-written by God as He reveals what He plans to do with your client’s story.  These are the chapters that allow your client, the main character, to thrive regardless of their actual life outcomes.  Comebacks.  A good ending.  Those that are only authored by God after the client has renewed their thinking, reframed their understanding, and refreshed their concept of who and where God is as their personal narrative unfolds.

All good storylines contain drama and defining moments. Instill within your client the knowledge that with God’s help, they can rescript a story that changes their hearts and minds to the point that their enthusiasm for having rewritten their storyline will leave them forever changed.

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Shirene H. Gentry received her bachelor of arts degree from Wake Forest University and her master of arts in professional counseling from Liberty University.  She is a board certified master Christian life coach in High Point, North Carolina specializing in the areas of stress management, relationship, marriage, and health/wellness.  She is a member of the AACC and the ICCA. She has written several books, including Change Unveiled: Hope for Positive Choices, Inspiration Unveiled: Hope for the Seasons of Life, and Recipes Unveiled: Hope for Healthy Eating. 

She can be reached at, Hope Unveiled Life Coaching (Facebook), hopeunveiled (Instagram), @hopeunveiled; @Shirene_G. (Twitter), and Hope Unveiled Life Coaching (YouTube).

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