The International Christian Coaching Association (ICCA) is the largest membership organization of Christian coaches in the world. ICCA is open to all coaches, counselors, pastors, chaplains and lay counseling ministry leaders who want to learn and accomplish more as a Christian Life Coach.

If you are a Christian coach, or are in the certification process and looking for direction on how to achieve rapid success, the ICCA is for you! Our team of committed Christian professionals are dedicated to coming alongside to add value to your journey in the coaching profession.

Why should you join ICCA?

The International Christian Coaching Association (ICCA) is designed to give you the tools you need to achieve greater success as a Christian Life Coach. You will benefit from the insights of skilled professionals who want to see you succeed in making a positive difference in people’s lives.

Many Christian Coaches report feeling overwhelmed by the many challenges involved in reaching their goals of helping others. The ICCA solves those problems by giving you positive direction to maximize your potential as a Coach.

As a membership organization we offer both benefits and professional training to help you become credentialed through the Board of Christian Life Coaching (BCLC) . We are committed to assisting Christian coaches, whether those coaches are certified professionals or caring church members with little or no formal training.

ICCA proudly recognizes the diversity within the helping relationship and provides membership opportunities in three separate categories:

  • Professional: Members at this level must be credentialed through the Board of Christian Life Coaching (at any level) or equivalent certification body. Members at this level automatically become part of the Christian Care Network (CCN) and receive all benefits from the ICCA.
  • Premium: Members at this level are working toward credentialing as a Christian Life Coach or are already functioning as a Life Coach. These members can include but are not limited to religious leaders including pastors, youth leaders, missionaries, Christian counselors, pastoral counselors, Christian educators, and full time life coaches.
  • Preferred: Members at this level include students and retired persons, and those who have a beginning level interest in Christian coaching. We desire to serve you with the best resources available in the Christian coaching field to help you become the best coaching leader you can be.

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