I am just getting started with my new coaching practice and believe it would be great to connect with other ICCA members, so how can I find them?

The fastest way to stay connected to our ICCA members is through our Twitter account, www.Twitter.com/CoachAlliance, since there is a direct connect feature to other Christian life coaches. You can also follow other Christian coaches through our website www.iccaonline.net. The greatest way to connect with other Christian life coaches is by attending our conferences so you can meet with the speaking team and other Christian coaches in person. Find details on the next National or World conference at www.AACC.net

Can you be a Life Coach without a degree?

You do not need a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree to be a life coach, but you do need to offer highly skilled insight. If a degree equips you to guide your coaching clients to a greater level of success, you will stay busy. However, if your degree is totally focused on educational goals without touching on reaching personal potential in life then it may not be necessary and might even be a distraction because people pay for results – not degrees.

My goal is to be a Christian Life Coach and I’m wondering if you can make a living at it?

Each individual needs to determine how much annual income he/she would need, but the average life coach bills approximately $100 per session, which is about an hour of time. Coaching can provide extra income, but not enough initially to replace a full time job. We strongly recommend you keep your regular job to provide financial stability as you build your new coaching practice.

Is the ICCA affiliated with the ICF?

The International Christian Coaching Association is not associated with the International Coaching Federation.  We are the largest distinctly Christian organization for Christian Coaches in the world. We respect the work of ICF, but differ greatly in our orientation and application of biblical principles to reaching life’s potential.

Do the Life Coaching courses 101 and 102 meet the criteria to be credentialed through the International Coaching Federation?

No, the life coaching training courses offered through AACC and Light University are not part of the curriculum for ICF. Our coaching team respects the work of ICF and accepts their training as credit for those seeking credentialing to become fully certified and credentialed through the Board of Christian Life Coaching (BCLC).

I just completed the second life coaching course and wonder if there are other coach training courses coming out soon?

Yes! Light University is offering a number of new Christian coach training programs, including Leadership Coaching, Parenting Coaching, Marriage Coaching, Finance Coaching, Stress Management Coaching, Divorce Coaching, Health Coaching, Cancer Coaching and many, many more. There are over 100 hours of specific training for Christian life coaches for you to choose from as you narrow your coaching niche.

One goal I have is to become a credentialed life coach to be able to provide a second stream of income for my family and me. Because I am a pastor of a local church, coaching could fit alongside my pastoral ministry. Is this a realistic plan?

Good news! Coaching can provide you with another income stream based on your areas of gifting and is a great option for busy ministry professionals to use in adding value to others, while generating extra income for their family.

I would like to continue to the Master Life Coach level through the Board of Christian Life Coaching (BCLC). Do you have any information on it?

We’ve got good news for you! Light University, the BCLC, and ICCA have partnered together to provide many new options to allow you to move forward and achieve new levels of credentialing as a Christian Life Coach, from the basic level all the way to becoming a professional Master’s Level credentialed coach.

Will AACC pre-conference coach training sessions help me coach parents?

Yes, because every time you attend an American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) or ICCA coach training session, you are gaining the new skills necessary to more effectively reach your core clients. Some of our training sessions are for specific coaching niches, but all are useful to build your coaching practice. Plus, every AACC or ICCA sponsored coach training session counts toward your Christian Coach Continuing Education for future coach credentialing.

What is the market for coaching new moms or new parents?

It is excellent, because young mothers and fathers, as well as newly empty nesters are often looking for skilled coaches to guide them through the process of managing this major life change. This is a GREAT niche group to specifically target because of the new baby boom going on across the United States. In addition, the popularity of television programs like “Super Nanny” or “Nanny 911″ have shown that young mothers are DESPERATE for coaching on how to be successful parents. This is a fantastic niche to serve if it fits your life story.

How do I get credentialed as a coach in my state?

Coaching is not like counseling because coaches are not given a license; instead they achieve certification based on the amount of training and credentials they earn. ICCA, through the BCLC, offers a 4-part credentialing process to become credentialed as a professional life coach and you can begin the process by visiting www.iccaonline.net to get started today.

Can I just begin my training as a Christian Life Coach without being credentialed?

Sure, but there are significant advantages to being trained by skilled Christian professionals. Plus, being affiliated with a major group of Christian coaches like ICCA gives you immediate credibility in the professional community. The new ICCA coach training programs are designed for busy professionals. Make sure to join the International Christian Coaching Association to keep up with the rapid changes in the field of coaching. It’s easy to join, just visit www.iccaonline.net for tips needed to build your business as a life coach.

Do I need liability insurance to begin coaching?

Since coaching is not regulated as a high-risk type of activity, not many life coaches carry malpractice liability insurance. Coaching is a positive and proactive way to help people achieve results. Clinical counseling on the other hand often deals with life-altering or life-threatening situations and carries a significantly higher risk for harm to the client, which is why most counselors are required to carry malpractice and liability insurance. Not so for professional coaches. However, if you would rather be safe, there is no harm done in checking into malpractice insurance.

Which conferences should I attend to learn more about life coaching?

As you think about training, the issue really comes down to what type of coaching you want to specialize in. Once you narrow down the type of coaching you will be offering, then you can simply do an Internet search on your topic to research and find the best group to equip you to help others. The largest group offering distinctively Christian Coaching is the International Christian Coaching Association (ICCA), and you can find out more at www.iccaonline.net. In addition, be watching for more information from Light University or the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) about their many new Christian Coach training modules. AACC offers some of the best trainers in the world during their annual conferences with a full coaching track bringing together some of the best-known speakers in the field of Christian coaching.

How can I find a coach in my area?

Since a great deal of coaching is done via technology, it’s not really necessary to actually have a coach in your region unless you are trying to gain specific skills that require face-to-face training, (like public speaking). However, if you want to have a more personal coaching experience in your area, simply perform an Internet search on the type of coach you are seeking. Many coaches offer video coaching via Skype.com or Oovoo.com as an alternative to telephone coaching, so there is a more personal touch by seeing one another during the coaching process even though they may be located halfway around the world.

How do I know if a coach is a good fit for my stage of life?

Coaching is about results, so it is essential to find the right coach to meet your needs and give you the guidance to succeed. Once you find two or three names that seem to be a good fit based on your Internet search, schedule a free consult to interview each coach by asking key questions like:

  • “What is your coaching approach, and how might that be different from other coaches?”
  • “What are your fees and are there any contracted time limits or can I go session by session?”
  • “Are you a certified coach or part of any larger coaching organization?”
  • “How much experience do you have and how long have you been coaching?”
  • “What type of success have you personally seen in the clients you coach?”

Remember, if a coach is ethical they will answer your questions directly at no cost and if they are not a good fit to meet your needs, they should simply state that fact up front so you won’t end up wasting time with the wrong person and can move on to seek a better fit for you.

What do you have to do to become a fully credentialed life coach?

There are several steps to achieve the highest level of credentialing as a Christian coach. You need to download an application which outlines all of the criteria to become a fully credentialed life coach by visiting our website at www.iccaonline.net

What are the legal requirements to become a credentialed life coach?

Currently there are not any state, federal, or even international laws that regulate coaching. However, there are many ethical requirements to not coach outside your life story and coach training; and of course the primary legal requirement of never mixing coaching with professional counseling or therapy is essential to respect since that could be confusing or even dangerous to a client and would be against the law in every single state in the US.

What can you charge as a Professional Life Coach

Coaching fees vary based on training, experience, credentialing and skill set. A beginning coach might charge $75 per session, which is usually conducted via telephone. Experienced executive coaches might charge upwards of $500 per session, or a little less when bought in a ‘package’ or bundle of coaching hours

I don’t want to waste time joining groups that are unstable, so which Christian coach organization will outlast the others?

There are thousands of groups that offer coach certification or coach training so it’s important to be part of a group that is big enough to bring more value to the table for you as a coach and for your future coaching clients. Many coaching organizations are here today and gone tomorrow, so it is important to belong to a group of trusted professionals who will be around for decades. ICCA was founded by leaders from the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC), the largest and most trusted group of Christian counselors in the world. AACC has made a long-term commitment to the success of ICCA, which is already the largest group of Christian coaches in the world. When you join ICCA you are part of this massive group of Christian coaches who are dedicated to helping one another become more successful.

It’s confusing that some groups charge over ten thousand dollars to become credentialed as a coach, what’s with that?

Any group can charge whatever they want to join them, or become credentialed by them since it is not a regulated profession. The value is based on what that group does to help equip and train you to help others. ICCA and Light University offer the best value for Christian coach training anywhere in the world.

How long does it take to become credentialed?

There are multiple levels of Christian Coach Certification offered through the credentialing process from the Board of Christian Life Coaching, from 24 hours to over 200 hours. The length of time it takes varies from person to person based on one’s motivation to complete the process. Some people take 2, 3 and even 4 years to reach their professional level of credentialing, others can achieve this highest level in less than 2 years based on their motivation to achieve a more professional status.

What are the advantages of being part of a major organization like ICCA as a Christian Coach?

Being part of a recognized international group gives instant credibility and that’s essential to protect your integrity and professionalism. What you don’t want is to be affiliated with a small group that doesn’t have the resources necessary to equip and empower you to achieve maximum results as a Christian coach. ICCA is already the largest group of Christian coaches in the world and when you join you become part of the most trusted name in Christian coaching.

Who hires Life Coaches?

Executives, parents, pastors, college students, people facing mid-life career change, business people, busy mom’s, single parents, people going through transition and this list could go on and on. Basically, people who want to achieve greater success by reaching their potential to be their best in living out God’s design for their life.

I need clients and haven’t had a paying client in a year. How come my marketing isn’t working?

Many coaches have a great heart to help people but forget they need to get paid for offering a professional service. Coaching as a profession is growing, but still is a relatively new profession, so it may be that you need to market differently. For instance, a good way to do this is offering community education seminars to teach life skills, while educating local leaders about the value of Christian Life Coaching. It is also very important to be part of a professional association dedicated to your success as a Coach. The International Christian Coaching Association is the world leader in offering business-building tips to connect you to clients who would be a good fit. I believe that someone is looking for your help right now, but without strategic approaches to connect they can’t find you. Joining our group is easy, simply visit, www.iccaonline.net for membership details.

Starting a new coaching business is a little harder than I thought. What do you need to do to be successful in this type of business?

It is tough to start any new business so I recommend that you check out the many free marketing and small business consulting resources from SCORE, http://www.score.org/index.html as well as the Small Business Administration, www.sba.gov/ because these organizations offer hundreds of small business building tips at no cost to guide you toward greater business success. Also, since starting a new business can be discouraging at times, let me encourage you to reach out to more seasoned coaches for their advice and guidance. You can stay connected to other Christian Coaches through our Twitter account. www.Twitter.com/CoachAlliance.