I need clients and haven’t had a paying client in a year. How come my marketing isn’t working?

Many coaches have a great heart to help people but forget they need to get paid for offering a professional service. Coaching as a profession is growing, but still is a relatively new profession, so it may be that you need to market differently. For instance, a good way to do this is offering community education seminars to teach life skills, while educating local leaders about the value of Christian Life Coaching. It is also very important to be part of a professional association dedicated to your success as a Coach. The International Christian Coaching Association is the world leader in offering business-building tips to connect you to clients who would be a good fit. I believe that someone is looking for your help right now, but without strategic approaches to connect they can’t find you. Joining our group is easy, simply visit, www.iccaonline.net for membership details.