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Maxwell shares Coaching Wisdom from Jesus

  In his longest recorded sermon, Jesus began by describing the traits he was looking for in his followers. He called those who lived out those traits blessed because God had something special in store for them. Each beatitude is an almost direct contradiction of society’s typical way of life. … Continue reading

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Peter Drucker believed in creating positve change… do you?

   Peter Drucker was the Father of American Management. He had multiple insights about positive change, espeically about the changes to traditional education, like the one below. Bottom line for you as a coach? Be ready!   Join ICCA to be part of the radical transformation of positive change. www.ICCAOnline.net … Continue reading

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How do you Coach the Next Generation of Leaders?

“You may be good. You may even be better than everyone else. But without a coach you will never be as good as you could be.” – Andy Stanley       Andy Stanley is the founding Pastor at North Point Church north of Atlanta, GA.   He speaks at national leadership Conferences … Continue reading

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7 Things You Must Give to Others If You Want to Achieve Success!

by Chris Widener A major part of the process of achieving success and living the kind of life that you dream of is to give. Many people think that to get what you want you have to take it. There is a universal truth though that the true path to … Continue reading

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Life Changing Coaching Questions from John Eldredge

“Deep in man’s heart are some fundamental questions that simply cannot be answered at the kitchen table.   Who am I? What am I made of? What am I destined for?   It is fear that keeps a man at home where things are neat and orderly and under his … Continue reading

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Legacy Coaching Changes lives for Generations

“I Saw Love Once” written by Swen Nader, former basketball player of Legendary Coach John Wooden: I saw love once, I saw it clear. It had no leash. It had no fear. It gave itself without a thought. No reservation had it brought. It seemed so free to demonstrate. It … Continue reading

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Pat Morley says you are a LEADER!

“It has always been that in our darkest hours unexpected leaders rise up. These leaders speak with a clarity of vision that galvanizes our resolve to bring about social change. These often previously obscure leaders tap into the dissonance we feel. They articulate a compelling, resonant message. They often live … Continue reading

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Right Words- Communication Coaching from Author Zig Ziglar

“It has been said that one picture is worth ten thousand words, but the person who said that had obviously never read the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence or the 23rd Psalm. They’d never read Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address,” or the impassioned pleas of Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill … Continue reading

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Coaches must continually invest to bring more value

“The major value in life is not what you get. The major value in life is what you become. That is why I wish to pay fair price for every value. If I have to pay for it or earn it, that makes something of me. If I get it … Continue reading

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Are you a Traditional Manager or Team-building Coach?

*Manager: a person who has control or direction of a business, or of a part, division, or phase of it. *Coach: a person who gives instruction or advice to elevate the performance of an individual or student. Which one are you? Look at the two definitions above and think about … Continue reading

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