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Strategic Coaching Questions to Create Success

Questions – they change our lives. Jesus the Master teacher continually asked questions. Here are strategic questions covering the key areas of life to keep you sharp as a coach, or to use in challenging the thinking of your coaching clients.   Faith– No matter your current spiritual state, growing … Continue reading

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There are many groups who train Coaches – who do you Recommend?

   There are thousands of organizations that provide coach training and certification, and even more coming online every day according to Google Alerts. Part of this rapid growth is from the world-wide popularity of coaching; which is a good thing. However, be very cautious about investing money with some of … Continue reading

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John Maxwell Coaching on Strategic Systems

Broken systems lead to disorganization, confusion, and chaos whereas smooth systems allow us to move quickly and efficiently. The reason for this lesson is to help you understand the importance of developing good systems in your personal and professional leadership. The exact systems that work for me may not pertain … Continue reading

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Business Coaching – Strategic Partnership

Found this from a business magazine interview I gave almost 10 years ago… seems just as timely today. -db “Business is changing faster than ever so companies have to be focused, strategic and fast to maintain profitability. One way to stay ahead of this trend is for the bigs to … Continue reading

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Strategic Coaching Questions!

Coaching questions to bring out the best in yourself and in your clients! If you were to actively live your life, what is the first change you would need to make? What do you need to cut out of your life? (Make a list) What do you need to add … Continue reading

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